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One Rule for Some

There's been a fairly amazing level of cognitive dissonance going on lately - even by the seemingly ever-increasingly dissonant standards of modern times.  Stilgherrian's podcast, The 9pm Edict, featured a grab shortly after the federal election from a rural NSW voter who was very keen for a change of government, 
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The Deconstruction of Fallen Stars

You probably remember the 2016 Census, because it made a bit of a splash at the time.  Allegedly, it was able to be completed online, but it failed spectacularly. The official report surrounding events alleges it was a teensy, tiny denial of service attack. Many believe that it was actually just 
Avatar Trent on Privacy and Technology

Medical and Elder Law Conference

Thanks very much to ConfereNZ for asking Trent to speak at their recent Medical and Elder Law conference in Auckland. It was a whistlestop fly-in, fly-out tour for Trent (Auckland looked lovely from the back of the cab; he only saw it one-way because it was dark when he arrived), 
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Defend Encryption

Although we've been busy talking about #myHealthRecord this week, our colleagues at Access Now have sent the joint letter on encryption we mentioned a while back to relevant members of Parliament. You can still sign on at the website. And remember, all the talk about "bank-grade security" of myHealthRecord is 
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Be the Change

"Be the change you want to see in the world" -- attributed to Mahatma Ghandi, but may not be Here at Future Wise, we're pretty cut up about surveillance of people by their internet use. Mandatory data retention stinks and proposed laws to require device makers to allow access 
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myHR Secondary Use Framework

  Following hot on the tail of my post about data reuse, the Department of Health has released the "Framework to guide the secondary use of My Health Record system data" (hereafter "the Framework" - link[pdf]).  There was a public consultation last year, run by Healthconsult, and you can read the submission from Future Wise here. 
Avatar Trent on Health and Privacy

Because we can?

In 2016, the Productivity Commission held an inquiry into ways to improve the availability and use of public and private sector data. We didn't have the capacity at the time to make a submission, although I did write a post on my personal blog in response to the Digital Health 
Avatar Trent on Privacy and Technology

Secure Australia

Future Wise joins with Australian digital rights organisations - Electronic Frontiers Australia, Digital Rights Watch and the Australian Privacy Foundation, and the international group Access Now to call on the Australian Government to support encryption and to reject any moves to undermine the security of our digital infrastructure. The groups 
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New, new site smell

Welcome back to Future Wise. Our blog has been offline for a while. Trent did a pretty impressive job of breaking it trying to get a post with a Youtube video to format properly on the page, and "helpfully" tried to upgrade it. You can read some of his thoughts 
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Digital Health Update

There's been quite a bit going on in the digital health area of late. Unfortunately, it's coincided with me quite badly breaking the old version of our blog, so I haven't been able to post about it regularly. The blog is on the mend now, so here's a recap of 
Avatar Trent on Health and Technology

Democratised feels

Paul Kidd, someone I know through my work in the HIV sector, pointed out on Facebook, that 2016 wasn’t 2001 (September 11th) or 1941 (WW2) or 1914 (WW1) or any of the other years in which momentously awful things happened.  Despite this, there seems to have been a general consensus that 
Avatar Trent on Society

The Lure of Big Data Denies Natural Justice

Since Christmas, media has been flooded with stories of people apparently wrongly subjected to Centrelink debt recovery processes. It seems that Centrelink, Australia’s department responsible for assessing and dispensing social security payments, is suffering from a bad case of big data. Consequently, its customers are being wrongfully threatened with legal 
Avatar Kate on Society and Technology

Chip, chip, chipping away

Welcome to the newest member of the Future Wise team – Kate Galloway.  Kate is a legal academic at Bond University, with interests in property law, legal education and the intersection of the law and society.   She also writes a regular column for Eureka St, and blogs on her 
Avatar Kate on Legal and Society

Never the twain

I’m a hospital-based medical specialist.  One of the things that annoys patients (and healthcare workers, too) is the rigid siloing of medical problems – “I’m not here about your diabetes, I’m the heart specialist”. The siloing of expertise isn’t just an issue for medical specialists, though.  Continuing the health example is 
Avatar Trent on Health and Technology

The price of convenience

If you’ve seen any discussion online about privacy and the use of free online services, you’ve probably seen the quote:  “If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product” – which has been attributed to Andrew Lewis.  It’s not a universally-held view, but from the point of view of your personal data, 
Avatar Trent on Data retention and Technology
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